Compile 001

Digital nationstates, robot prayers, and the end of the world.

what the f✶ck is compile?

Compile is a quarterly DIY digital magazine curated, designed, and developed by Zack Labadie.

Compile explores the cross-section of humanity, technology, and the uniquely modern oddities enabled by the two. At its core, Compile is about recontextualization, experimentation, and celebrating weirdness.

Every issue is made up of a collection of writing, audio, images, videos, art and internet debris brought together through a unifying theme. What it all means, if anything, is totally up to you. Sometimes humorous, sometimes somber, every issue—and every article—is different.

If you still have questions, I urge you to jump into an issue and start exploring. If you're interested in how or why Compile was made, check out the process book for Compile 001 or shoot me an email directly.

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Created by Zack Labadie
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